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October 3, 2009

Windows, getting closer

This week they put in the windows. We were thankful for the timing because it has rained a lot the last few days. Some of the windows have grating on them--this is basically a security thing and will be only used in windows that we may keep open when we leave the house--or overnight--such as the bathroom and laundry room. The humidity is high here in Japan and mold is plentiful, so lots of airing out helps keep it at bay.


On the baby front, obviously things are getting closer! I have started to have a few contractions here and there--nothing regular or too bad, but never-the-less, a good sign that hopefully this little guy will come on his own--and hopefully in not the too distant future. My due date is tomorrow and there is a full moon tonight, so we'll see!

October 7, 2009

A report from the "watched pot"

I definitely feel like the watched pot that won't boil, but am thankful to be feeling good, even though past my due date. Most calls that Akihiro gets are prefaced with, "Ma-da" (not yet) and the most frequent caller is Grandma Ito--understandable! Went to the doc today and he said if I don't go into labor by next Wednesday, they will induce me--that would be at 41 weeks 3 days. No more contractions since Saturday--so that was a false alarm, I guess! We have a major typhoon coming through here tomorrow--haven't had one this strong for 20 years, apparently, so we are making sure everything is secured well against wind and rain. Also kinda hoping that Baby-kun doesn't make his appearance during that time as getting out to the clinic might be a bit of a challenge. Dr. Akihiro could deliver him, though, I am confident, if we would get stuck home--which is highly unlikely, though!

The workers have been working furiously to try to get the house closed in before this typhoon. They tied back the screen, so we could get a better look at what things look like from the outside. There is a tarp over the balcony as they are working on the waterproof floor of the balcony. Hopefully that tarp won't go flying away during the typhoon and the waterproofing can dry adequately and they can get the second story sliding glass doors in place soon! Here is a look at the house from the north side. The door you see is the front door (on the left of the picture).

Here is the house from the south side--these windows look out from the kitchen, dining, living room.

Here's the waterproofing effort on the balcony floor

Other workers are starting to put thick foam (a total of 13 cm) up on inside of the roof.

October 9, 2009

Survived the typhoon!

The typhoon wasn't too bad--just lots of strong wind! The rain really filled up the river near our house! And Baby-kun stayed put during the typhoon and continues to be content in his "getting snugger" little home.

With the tarps off you can get a better look at our house.


October 12, 2009

Only in Shioda?, a few house pictures

No new news on Baby-kun! Since we have a small church and it is like family, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that Akihiro announced that I would be induced on Wednesday! I guess it made sure that everyone knew the right information instead of getting a kinda goofy Japanese explanation from me!

They are starting to put some sheeting up on the house and will start the siding tomorrow it looks like! I am kinda nervous to see how it actually works as we picked out two different kinds. I hope it looks ok! They are also starting to put the insulation (wool type?) on the walls.



October 14, 2009

Time is up, Baby-kun!

I had said that I would be induced Wednesday, but just wanted to give a little clarification--sorry if this is too much info for the guys! I am admitted today (Wednesday) around 2:30 and guess what they use to dilate me? Seaweed! Sometimes that causes labor, but if it doesn't they will start pitocin IV on Thursday morning. So, Baby-kun will probably be born either Thursday or Friday. They take a relatively conservative approach to the whole induction process. I am so grateful for the American friend I met who was induced with both of her babies at this same clinic. I feel like I know a bit what to expect and that helps a lot! Thanks for all the prayers--I feel unworthy, but very thankful! We'll try to update the blog as soon as possible!

October 15, 2009

Not ready yet!

Well, the seaweed dilated me only 1 cm more (from 1cm to 2cm) and Baby-kun is not very low and things aren't very "ripe", so they didn't even try the pitocin induction today. They will retry the seaweed tonight again and see how things are tomorrow morning. If things don't ripen up tomorrow then it looks like we will be having a c-section--not sure when. While we would obviously prefer natural delivery, we trust that God knows best and will lead us in the best way. Meanwhile, we are being treated like royalty here--I just got back from the beauty salon! They washed my hair even though I said I could do it myself! I haven't had a hair wash like that since probably Jr. High and Bonnie K.'s hair salon. It felt great! Thankfully also, the doc made an exception and is going to let us out of the clinic for a while--hoping to take a walk--a long walk!! Thanks for your prayers!

October 16, 2009

Hurray for seaweed--and prayers!

Well the seaweed worked much better than the doctor or we had anticipated and I am currently dilated 5 cm! They are going to start pitocin this am, so we are hoping that labor will continue to progress. I had contractions last night, but did get a little rest. Thanks for your prayers!

Well, sorry folks, the "hurray party" was short lived...

Baby-kun seems to be enjoying keeping us waiting! I hesitate to know how many details to share, so I apologize if it is TMI, but it seems that the blog is the easiest way to keep interested people updated. They started pitocin this morning and gradually increased it, but my contractions actually lessened since the removal of the seaweed. They even raised it farther than the standard Japanese maximum, but I could only feel a little contraction as I paced the halls--back and forth, back and forth. The worst discomfort was from my empty stomach growling--it is used to being fed every 4 hours for the last 9 months! There were contractions on the monitor, but not strong enough to do anything, I guess. By the end of the day I had actually shrunk down to 4 cm and the baby is even higher in my pelvis. The doc came in and said that tomorrow morning they will break my water, give the pitocin another try, and if no progress by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, it is a c section. They have been very patient here at the clinic and willing to give the natural childbirth the "college try" for which we are thankful. Also, I can't complain as some women are in real labor for several days, and I sure haven't had much discomfort at all. Baby-kun continues to be very active and is healthy, but Sunday he will be 42 weeks and the risks start going up then. Personally I wonder if he is just too big to descend into my pelvis, but I guess we'll find out what happens tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers! We are actually doing ok with the waiting.

October 17, 2009


Just got back from the doctor and things still aren't ripe and Baby-kun is still riding too high to safely break my water (danger of cord prolapse). After discussing the situation we all felt it was best to just go ahead and schedule the c-section for this afternoon--starting sometime between 2 and 3 PM. We feel a peace about this and are very excited to finally meet our Baby-kun! Akihiro will be in the surgery room with me the whole time, so I am very thankful (and spoiled)! Thanks again for your prayers!


Tomoki Charles Ito was born (finally :) ) on October 17th at 3;33PM by c-section at our local clinic in Hachioji, Tokyo.
He was 4302 grams (9lbs7oz!!) and 52.5 cm(20.7inch).

For the English speaking tongues--it is said like Tow Mow Key :)

The first kanji (Chinese character) "tomo" means "wisdom" and the kanji is the same as Akihiro's grandpa, Tomokazu.

The second kanji "ki" is from the kanji for hope--"kibou". This represents the great hope that little Tomoki-kun has been for us through Mom's passing and Dad's cancer and life in general. It also represents the great hope we have for him and his future--that he can serve the Lord with wisdom.

The middle name "Charles" is my dad's name, as most of you know. We are thankful for the Godly example that Dad has been throughout our lifetime and pray that Tomoki can follow this Godly example as well.

For short, we will call him Tomo-kun :)

Thanks for your prayers for us!

October 21, 2009

Life with Tomo-kun

It seems like Tomo-kun has always been with us, but it has only been four days! We are head-over-heels in love with this little guy and are so thankful for this wonderful miracle! Like one person told us, we are finding that the learning curve is steep, but the blessings are abundant. He is a happy boy as long as he is fed and changed. Akihiro and his mom have been a great taking care of him as my c-section incision limits what I can do for him. There are good days and hard days, but we are hanging in there. We will be discharged from the clinic on Sunday the 25th. The staff has been great here. Someday I will post some pictures of the meals here--phenomenal! Am running out of steam tonight, so will only post a few pictures from today and yesterday--later will do some of the first pics for those who didn't get them on email. Many are asking about his name--you don't accent any of the syllables--just slurr it all together is best. To-mo-ki.



October 29, 2009

More Tomoki pictures

Life has been busy with our little fella, but what a joy he is to take care of! Here are some pictures of the last 12 days. A few people have asked about his name and the pronunciation of it. There is technically no accent, but if you are going to accent any part it is the "to". The "to" is like "toe". The kun (like "coon) is the "kid name" that is added to people that are lower than the speaker in authority--especially children.

Just born....
Our first family picture
Here is the nursery at the clinic. He was twice as heavy as the little girls next to him!

"Uncle" Li-san visited the night he was born

Here is the statistics card. On the left is the average for Japanese boys. On the right is for girls. Tomoki is in the middle. First is his weight, then height, then chest, then head.

Here is the doctor who did the c section and his wife who assisted (she is also an OB doctor). They let Akihiro cut the cord and assist with Tomoki's care.shibatas.JPG

Here's the proud papa and his son on day 2.

We had visitors the third day--here's Vicki Ramseyer--she came with Eiko-san.

Here's my Japanese mom and dad. (the new neighbors)

Here's Akihiro's cousins, Yumi and Saiyaka.

Onoda-san and Hiroko-san from Tokyo church came on day 5

Jana and Charity and Amy came too..

Grandpa Ito--we are pretty sure Tomoki got his cheeks!

The Kinsinger family visited too and I heard they put their pics on their blog, so I will be lazy and not put them on. Also Andrew and the rest of the girls and Jana and the boys visited once we got home. Thanks for visiting!

Uncle Tsuyoshi and Aunt Yuko visited on day 7.

Aunt Kayuko also came on day 7. Even though she delivers babies all the time, she was quite smitten by Tomoki and his big cheeks and super size!!

After being in the hospital a week and a half and one week after delivery, we headed home! They had given us a headband--white for boys and pink for girls. I had sent it home with Akihiro--didn't want my boy to wear a lace headband, but the clinic insisted he wear it for the discharge picture! Poor little guy! The green crocheted dress was made by Akihiro's mom. He looked like a little fat lady by the time we had him all dressed!


Here's his first bath at home. I think he's got plenty of Japanese blood, because he seemed to enjoy it immensely.

10 days old!

I think he looks like the baby pictures of my brother, John here on his 11th day!

Gotta love this face!

He loves his swing from the Bahrs!

12 days old!

Tomoki gave us his first few smiles last night--a bit ornery looking already! Haven't captured any on camera yet, though!

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