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More Tomoki pictures

Life has been busy with our little fella, but what a joy he is to take care of! Here are some pictures of the last 12 days. A few people have asked about his name and the pronunciation of it. There is technically no accent, but if you are going to accent any part it is the "to". The "to" is like "toe". The kun (like "coon) is the "kid name" that is added to people that are lower than the speaker in authority--especially children.

Just born....
Our first family picture
Here is the nursery at the clinic. He was twice as heavy as the little girls next to him!

"Uncle" Li-san visited the night he was born

Here is the statistics card. On the left is the average for Japanese boys. On the right is for girls. Tomoki is in the middle. First is his weight, then height, then chest, then head.

Here is the doctor who did the c section and his wife who assisted (she is also an OB doctor). They let Akihiro cut the cord and assist with Tomoki's care.shibatas.JPG

Here's the proud papa and his son on day 2.

We had visitors the third day--here's Vicki Ramseyer--she came with Eiko-san.

Here's my Japanese mom and dad. (the new neighbors)

Here's Akihiro's cousins, Yumi and Saiyaka.

Onoda-san and Hiroko-san from Tokyo church came on day 5

Jana and Charity and Amy came too..

Grandpa Ito--we are pretty sure Tomoki got his cheeks!

The Kinsinger family visited too and I heard they put their pics on their blog, so I will be lazy and not put them on. Also Andrew and the rest of the girls and Jana and the boys visited once we got home. Thanks for visiting!

Uncle Tsuyoshi and Aunt Yuko visited on day 7.

Aunt Kayuko also came on day 7. Even though she delivers babies all the time, she was quite smitten by Tomoki and his big cheeks and super size!!

After being in the hospital a week and a half and one week after delivery, we headed home! They had given us a headband--white for boys and pink for girls. I had sent it home with Akihiro--didn't want my boy to wear a lace headband, but the clinic insisted he wear it for the discharge picture! Poor little guy! The green crocheted dress was made by Akihiro's mom. He looked like a little fat lady by the time we had him all dressed!


Here's his first bath at home. I think he's got plenty of Japanese blood, because he seemed to enjoy it immensely.

10 days old!

I think he looks like the baby pictures of my brother, John here on his 11th day!

Gotta love this face!

He loves his swing from the Bahrs!

12 days old!

Tomoki gave us his first few smiles last night--a bit ornery looking already! Haven't captured any on camera yet, though!


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