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September 1, 2009

Akihiro's hiking trip

A few weeks ago Akihiro took one of the Shioda church young men and Caleb K. and did a two day one night hiking trip to Yatsugatake. It was a tough hike, but they really enjoyed it.


September 10, 2009

More house pictures and Baby-kun update

Things are moving along at the house! It is exciting to see the unfolding of many months of planning and talking!

Check out this interesting way to build a wall support...

This is our attic--2 meters in the middle--mainly used for storage.

The frame is braced to the foundation like this...

This is looking at the outside of our dining room window--kinda like a bay window, but not glass on the sides. Beyond that is a door out the kitchen. This small door is very common in Japan.

This is front of the house--upper story. Two little windows from the attic and then two big windows in "kid's" rooms.

This is looking from the front door--the first window is the dining room window, the second is the living room sliding glass door, and the third is Akihiro's office "bay window". This room is all open so that we can set up a long table and have many guests.

Now a picture for the ladies...here's Baby-kun's "nursery". The theme is practicality and space-saving!
nursery.JPG The rocking chair is from the Ehnle's house and my "Japanese mom" (neighbor) made new cushions for it. The bassinet held eight Klaus babies! This little space is where my "souvenier shop" used to be. It is supposed to hold a wardrobe and is in our bedroom, but it has gotten many different uses. This next use, though, is the most exciting! I went to the doctor yesterday and Baby-kun continues to grow and is healthy. They estimate his current weight at 6 and a half pounds and we are 36 plus weeks. I keep telling him to stay put until his daddy gets done traveling--next Tuesday will be the end of overnight travel. Thankfully, though, my Japanese mom is on call 24/7 to take me to the clinic if I should need it while Akihiro is gone. I was asking all kinds of questions to the doctor (argghh--these foreigners and their questions, he must be thinking!) and I expressed my concern that Akihiro be with me throughout the whole labor and delivery process. At first he said yes, as long as there wasn't another woman delivering at that time--same room! Yikes! Then, the doctor's dear wife who is also an OB doctor gets a twinkle in her eye and says, "Well, if he wears his white coat, nobody will know the difference!" So, a white doctor's coat has been found and is in my bag that is packed for the hospital! I'll be a much calmer patient with him by my side! Thank the dear Lord that my hubby is a doctor! In other Baby-kun news, Akihiro's mom said she plans on basically moving in with us for a month after Baby-kun arrives. I didn't expect this much help, but am very thankful for it. It is customary here in Japan for the expecting mother to go home to her hometown to deliver and then to live with her parents for at least one month. Akihiro's mom is easy to be around and will be a blessing--I think and hope and pray, anyway!!

September 21, 2009

Veranda, an outing, etc.

Our veranda has been the latest development at the house. It goes nearly all around the house--except for above the sliding glass door of the family room. Basically its purpose is to hold the air conditioning units, a unit that has to do with our water system (sorry--don't know much more than that!), and a place for hanging up laundry. I didn't think we needed so much veranda (balcony), but this is one "battle" I chose not to fight with the architect! I am so thankful for my "Japanese mom" who stood with me on my choice of base board color as I really didn't like the one that was recommended by the architect. I needed another woman!

The below picture is of the wide part of the veranda. The veranda on the side that is accessed from my laundry room (this is one of my favorite parts of the house as currently my laundry is in the bathroom and I am often in Akihiro's way when I'm doing the laundry). Anyway, this part is a bit wider. Now that we see it, we wonder if it could even be a place for Baby-kun to play--or even grown some veggies--we'll see!

They also started to do some plumbing--the hot water pipe is brown and the cold water pipe is black. I didn't know if they do this in the US. There are many things that are done different here--mostly because we have so many earthquakes--that is the reason for the interesting construction methods.

Things are continuing to move slowly, so who knows when we will be moving--probably for sure not until December. Oh well.

It was a holiday today, so one of the doctors that Akihiro works with at the international clinic and her husband, their darling daughter, and her friend came to our area to visit. We enjoyed their visit!

I went to the doctor on Friday and he said everything looks good--2cm dilated and 60% effaced, so we are wondering if Baby-kun might make his appearance before the due date of October 4th! It is kinda funny because if he waits until October 1st, the government reimbursement for having a baby goes up, so from that standpoint, perhaps it would be good if he would wait, yet there are definitely some pros for him coming earlier too. Akihiro is working from home from now on, so it makes me feel much more relaxed--and a little spoiled! The ultrasound on Friday estimated Baby-kun at 7 pounds at almost 38 weeks. My belly is getting really big--and I am getting those lovely stretch marks that I've heard about! I really get the "looks" when I go for my daily walk on the river. It looks like I am hiding a watermelon under my jumper! Speaking of jumpers--I have two that I have been wearing since getting into the pregnancy clothes--they are the most comfortable. I think, though, that most of the dogs that I see have more clothes than me!

September 24, 2009

Preparation, more house pics

I can't think of a time in my life where I have known that something life-changing (a good thing, anyway) was going to happen, but not knowing when it was going to happen. As I try to keep the house clean, wash caught up, dishes done, legs shaved :), etc, in order to be ready anytime should Baby-kun make his entrance, I am reminded of how the Bible says that the day of the Lord will come quickly--even as upon a woman in travail--something like that. It has been good for me to think about my readiness for the Lord's return--a much more important "coming" than the "coming" of Baby-kun. Is my heart swept clean of pride and self, is my garment washed in the blood of the Lamb, is there unnecessary "baggage" of worldly cares in the way, is my spiritual body in good shape.....? Convicting!

We are keeping close tabs on the house construction. Poor Baby-kun--he can't get used to that nail gun--he just about jumps out of my skin when he hears it! Anyway, they got the veranda done and ready to be sided.

Here I am sitting in our front door--in front of that window will be a little bench where our foreign visitors can sit to put their shoes back on--I am particularly pleased with this function!

Today they were putting up these metal supports under the floor beams and bonding them to the floor.

September 28, 2009

"Shingles" and strange dreams

Today they were putting up the roofing material. It is hard--not like a rubbery shingle--not really sure what it is made of. I assume the little flaps sticking up are for snow--even though we hardly get any!shingles.JPG


On Saturday they had a 90 degree laser level that they used to level the first floor beams. The metal rods that were pictured last post are adjustable.

The windows are supposed to come on the 30th, so that is exciting!

I have heard that pregnancy can bring on strange dreams, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I dreamed that poor Baby-kun came out with about 4 inch long red frizzy hair that stuck strait out--kinda like the troll pencil I got for Christmas when I was in jr. high! He was very small--about the size of that goofy pencil--and so delicate that I broke his head off when I tried to swaddle him! I went running to the nurse and she said it was no problem--he would be all right--and called the surgeon. Needless to say, I was very glad to wake up and acquaint myself with the reality of my large belly that looks like it will definitely produce a decent size baby whose head will most likely be better attached! I'm almost afraid to go to sleep tonight--who knows what I'll dream!

September 29, 2009

Flooring in process

Today they were laying these boards down for our first floor. This isn't the typical way to do floors, but because of the air circulation system for our house, they used these slats instead of plywood like they did on the second floor. They will lay the bamboo hardwood (using for the first floor only) directly over these slats. The roofers finished the roof today too.

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