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January 22, 2008

Dad update

Fortunately, Dad still has no symptoms and his energy level is normal. He did have a MRI recently which showed just a little growth in the two very small tumors in the back of his brain. They need to be removed by Gamma Knife and that is now scheduled as an out patient procedure on Feb. 11 in Peoria. The doctors have said that the symptoms we would see if these tumors grew would be changes in peripheral vision. I guess if he has a brain tumor, it isn’t the worst kind to have.

In March they’ll being going back to Oasis of Hope for 5 days of treatment which will include a CT scan to check on the size of the tumors.

In the meantime, there are supplements, laetrile shots (per Nurse Mom!), and a low dose chemotherapy tablet to take. In addition, Mom is adjusting to preparing the recommended diet. It is similar to an organic vegetarian diet with small amounts of eggs, fish and chicken.

Also note, I put a category out to the side that from now on will hold the updates on Dad. That way you don't have to sort through my other entries!

February 12, 2008

Dad's Gamma Knife

We are thankful to report that Dad's gamma knife procedure went well! He said it wasn't too pleasant having them screw a halo frame into his scull! We are hopeful and prayerful that in 2 months the MRI will show that all that is left of the tumors is a little cinder! They leave tomorrow for Phoenix for the elder conference and then are going to spend a few days with my aunt and uncle in Tucson! Dad is still feeling very good and mom is being adventurous and trying new recipes that follow his diet! Thanks so much for your prayers!

March 20, 2008

An update on Dad and a new nephew!

Mom and Dad just recently returned from a follow-up session at Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico. The hospital there took a CT scan which revealed that the cancer has not grown, however the CEA level (may indicate the aggressiveness of the cancer cells) was elevated. The doctors there recommended chemotherapy, feeling that the cancer must be fairly aggressive since it did not shrink with the integrated therapies that they have been giving him. He had his first dose of chemo in Mexico and will probably have the next dose in Illinois next month with his regular oncologist. He had some feeling of loss of voice, fatigue, nausea, and “yuck” feeling with the chemo, but most of the side effects have subsided now. We are thankful that the cancer has not grown and that he hasn’t had any symptoms! Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray that the cancer will shrink if it is God’s will.

Also, I am pleased to report the arrival of Shepherd Honor Sauder, born to John and Misty!

June 21, 2008

An update on Dad

I haven’t reported on my Dad’s condition for a while, so here is a little recap. They did a PET scan after the third chemo and found that the only cancer spots showing were the original lung spot which is pretty small and a spot on his adrenal glad. All of the rest of the spots were gone! Praise the Lord! A follow up brain MRI, though, revealed that the tumors previously treated with the Gamma Knife were gone, but that there were some new spots. He had a second gamma knife procedure last week. This Wednesday he had his fifth chemo and it has been going relatively well—fatigue and hair loss being the main side effect. He has a very good appetite and is starting to gain a little lost weight with his cocktail of raw egg and grape juice drank once a day! (He says it tastes like grape flavored eggnog!) They will do another PET scan after the 6th chemo treatment which will be in 3 weeks. He credits the good news first to God and the prayers of so many, then to chemo, diet, and supplements. Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

August 14, 2008

A thankful update on Dad

Our family is very grateful to report that Dad’s last PET scan revealed that all of the cancer except for the small nodule in his lung (the original site) is gone! The blood tests are also very good. He will continue to have frequent checkups for blood work,etc. The doctor is confident that if the cancer comes back, it can be stopped with further chemo. Yesterday he got the results of his brain MRI and the doctor said it was good--I guess that means no cancer? Anyway, he lenghtened the time before the next MRI. Only God can create an outcome like this! Thanks for your prayers!

April 11, 2009

Here’s a brief update on Dad

He has finished his 5th chemo therapy for this series. The cancer marker blood test number continues to decrease—which is good news. Also the last PET scan showed no new tumors and that the existing tumors were less active. He also had gained a few pounds since the last doctor’s visit; thanks to all who make the extra effort to feed him according to his diet! The current plan is to continue the chemotherapy as long as necessary (until the cancer marker count is very low) or until there are side effects which become difficult to tolerate. Dr. Veeder is thinking it will take several more treatments. At this point, the side effects (mainly fatigue and some tingling in his feet) are fairly manageable. We are all very grateful for the ongoing prayers and support. Thank you!

August 23, 2009

An update on Dad

Dad had been taking a second line of chemotherapy but it was found this week that the cancer was not responding like we had hoped. The doctor is recommending a two week break at which time he would offer Dad the option of an oral cancer drug that isn't really chemo and has more tolerable side effects. Dad, John, and Jim will meet with the doctor in two weeks to learn more about it and most likely start it. The doctors are still amazed at how good Dad checks out--no signs of cancer could be detected on physical examination! The weakness and neuropathy are side effects of the chemotherapy. We appreciate your ongoing prayers.

April 6, 2010

Update on Dad

Tests and scans in late March indicated that theoral drug has stopped
working and the cancer is spreading again. Dad went to Mexico for 6 days
of preconditioning treatment before starting another round of chemo in
Peoria. We are thankful that althougth there are new tumors elswhere,
there are no new brain tumors and he still has no symptoms. Thank you
again for your prayers. It has been humbling and encouraging for Dad to
meet several individuals lately and learn that they pray for him every

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