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A few pics to "tide you over"

Sorry to be "absent" on the blog for a while. We enjoyed the Moser's visit very much and got tons done, but I don't feel quite "settled" yet. I love our new house, though. Once we get curtains hung, I'll get some pictures and post them. Here's a few pics of our dear little boy. He started taking solids about a week ago and seems to be doing pretty well with it--likes rice and spinach! Nights are gradually getting a bit better for Tomo-kun and me, but I am hoping for less night waking once he gets a bit more solids in him. He is sitting on his own pretty much now and his hands are busy grabbing everything and putting anything in his mouth--even his toes!

Here is a really old picture of him--before we moved. This bathrobe is from Annie Cozadd.


The following pics aren't in too good of order...sorry.

Here's the bench Lloyd made for our entryway. It will come in very handy with our foreign guests!





Taking his first bites!

Lloyd and Martha were professional "grandma and grandpa". I can tell they have 45? grandchildren! Lloyd taught Tomoki how to get into drawers and make lots of noise! "Now, get in there with both hands--that's it--make a lotta racket"..etc! Tomoki loved them!

We took the Kinsinger kids along with us to the flower and bird center. Here's James, Jesse, and Joy! We had a great time!



Here's Lloyd working on the fence for our house.

We had had several opportunities to see Mt. Fuji, but it was always cloudy...until the last day. We woke up to a beautiful day and quick took a drive to see it before we took the Moser's to the bus stop at noon. I don't think I've seen such a good view of Mt. Fuji for a long time! We were so thankful!

We bought a high chair for Tomo-kun. He thinks he's pretty big stuff in it.

Martha brought over the quilt that my mom had started for me and her dear friends finished for me. It fit very nicely! Almost made me cry to see it in our new home. Hoping to get curtains soon--am tired of cardboard boxes to block out a little light on the other side of the room!

How big is Tomo-kun?! So BIG!

It was funny to see Lloyd and Martha tackle the chopsticks--here's eating sushi with a spoon and chopsticks!


It was a beautiful day Tuesday, so we decided to get out and enjoy it. Went to the park nearby for a picnic under the cherry blossom trees!



Grandma Ito made this little cape and hat for Tomo-kun.


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