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1.5 months

Tomoki is growing big fast! At his one month check up he was 5 cm taller and his head and chest circumference were each 3 cm bigger! No wonder he is growing out of his clothes and we have to keep adjusting his car seat! He is quite strong, but I am afraid he got my poor coordination skills--he punches himself in the face and then cries! (I am hoping that he grows out of this :) ) I put him in a sling today and walked to the little grocery store nearby and then walked home on the river walk. Many of those who had curiously eyed my big belly before were not so shy anymore and came up to see him. He is really "talking" up a storm and of course we think he is terribly advanced :). He sure has figured out that he likes to poop in a brand new diaper anyway! We are planning to come home December 21st through January 6th and are looking forward to seeing many of you then!

We had a supper with all of Akihiro's family. Here is four generations of Itos.

And four generations of Kimuras.

He was pretty popular with the girls



He looked like a little Japanese priest in this little outfit!

This smile melts my heart! Grandma Ito made this cute little vest and also some mittens--he's got his mother's cold hands!


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