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Odds and ends

Nothing major to report. I find myself becoming accustom to this different life so much that I don't even realize sometimes how different we do things here. Yesterday I was reminded of this by Sister Bethany Gerber who is here helping the Klaus family. We were at the Inoue's for a picnic (our park plan got rained out!) and we were helping Marie do the wieners. Bethany says, "I've never stir fried wieners with chopsticks before!" Yes, indeed! It is an interesting mix of cultures--hot dogs and chopsticks! I do have to say, though, that chopsticks are a great cooking tool!

We are in the hiking preparation mode here--getting ready to hike Mt. Fuji next month. We bought new hiking boots and received much instruction on the proper use of them. That evening (after dark, thankfully), we practiced our new technique--making sure we place our feet down flat instead of heel and then toe, etc. The man said it looks like robo-cop (I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I can kinda get the point!) We were quite a sight! Anyway, hopefully it will prevent sore toes and knees! We'll see!

The hydrangeas are beautiful right now! My picture doesn't do them justice, but they are everywhere and just gorgeous!

I took Justin over to see the emperor's cemetery. I can't remember if I have posted a picture of that before or not. This is just one of 4 large tombs holding one emperor or an emperor's family member.

We plan to go to Hokkaido the end of this week for a business/fishing trip! Hopefully we can check out Akihiro's dad's boat and catch a big fish! We are also looking forward to keeping some people from Australia who will be visiting us this weekend and early next week! Should be interesting!


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