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May 7, 2009

Home again, home again

Our visit to the US was very blessed. Thanks for your prayers! We had nice times with family and friends and got lots done too! It was amazing to see how God provided people to take some of Mom's clothes and things. The hospice memorial service was a hard, but good--healing in a way. There were some unexpected blessings--a well-known and loved male voice provided some of the hymns, beautiful harp music was played before the service this time (Mom loved harp music), and one of Mom's volunteer hospice patients was honored at the service too--we got to meet her family and hear of her kindness to them as she sat with their mother.

On a practical note, with many tips, I made my way to the townwide garage sale spots and loaded up on a total of 7 bags of maternity clothes--for $40! God even provided that they were tall people and church people! Though Dad had carefully packed Mom's sewing machine in Akihiro's carry-on, I don't think I will need to use it as much as I thought I might have to! I did buy a few new things--wow--I could live in those American dressing rooms!

I had mentioned to some people that we were coming back in 6 weeks as Akihiro had a conference in Springfield...well, those plans got changed. One of Akihiro's part time clinic jobs is practically forbidding their doctor's to leave the country due to the swine flu. So, Lord-willing, I won't be back until Christmas time--with Baby Ito along! We decided to give up on our Super Flyer ticket program--much to my relief!

Our house is all down and we are waiting for some details from the bank before they break ground. I will have to get some pictures and post them. Our house won't be completed before Baby Ito comes, but in the end, I think it might be better that way anyway. By the way, speaking of Baby Ito--I think I felt the first kicks on the airplane ride home! Not sure if that means he/she likes flying or not!

May 13, 2009

It's an OTOKONOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, we are going to make you work to find out our baby's gender!

We are excited and thankful!

May 18, 2009

Blessings, beaches, and a building date!

At my doctor's appointment last week--which, by the way, thanks for hanging in there with your Japanese homework (welcome to my world!)--the Lord gave me a huge blessing. I met an American about my age and her Japanese husband and their two darling children. She was very friendly, so we started talking. They actually met at Lincoln Christian College--just 30 minutes from my hometwon--small world! We found that we have much in common--one thing being that our husbands are both Japanese ministers in small aging churches. She had had both of their children at the clinic where I will deliver, Lord willing, so of course I can get lots of good information from her. We are going to go to a birth class, but it is in Japanese, so I will definitely follow up with her to fill in the gaps! I took her to her home which is maybe 10 minutes by car from our house and she invited me in for a chat. It was such a blessing and I look forward to getting together with her again soon. The Lord provided that they chose that date to go have their child's shots done and that time, otherwise I would have had little chance to meet them.

Last Thursday and Friday we took Akihiro's grandpa to the ocean--quite close to where he works in Chiba prefecture (twice a month). We found a wonderfully cheap hotel with an all-you- can eat seafood buffet (I have never seen so much raw fish prepared in one spot before!), an ocean view, (pictured above) and an onsen. Akihiro and I took a walk along the ocean and saw people with wet suits diving for shellfish. Now I know why those things are $100 a piece! On Friday we drove a little further down the coast to look at the main hospital that Akihiro's clinic is associated with. It is a beautiful facility that is attempting to be the "Mayo Clinic" of Japan. People come from all over. We also took a boat ride to see the a spot where deep in the ocean--over 120 meters deep, live some red sea bream. The boat makes a special noise and they rise to the surface. They were very pretty.

On our way home, we were in search of some good fresh seafood. We found this little place and Akihiro ordered a raw fish hamburger for us all to sample. My stomach is on its way to returning to normal, because I could enjoy my bite! I got a red snapper dish which was wonderful (no I didn't eat the eye and head!) I can now eat rice and miso soup again--much to my hubby's thanksgiving!


We returned home late and so we stopped at a pasta place. Akihiro ordered his favorite pasta. The sauce is made with the black ink-like substance that the squid expells at its enemies. I can hardly watch him eat it! His tongue and lips turns black!

Finally we have a date to start building--May 25th! Perhaps we could move by the end of October--we'll just have to see how it goes. Here is a picture of the land with the house down. You may laugh, but we--and the rest of the neighbors are commenting on what a big piece of land it is! It is approximately 14 meters by 16 meters--not exactly large by American standards

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