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December 3, 2007


There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that we got the final results on Dad's cancer, and it is very serious. As a result of this bad news, though, is the good news. Mom and Dad are coming to visit us in Japan--this Friday the 7th! They came 2 years ago, but that was before we lived in Japan, so it will be fun to show them around the neighborhood, etc. They will stay a week and then we (Akihiro and Carrie) will return (with them) to the States for about 10 days--coming back to Japan on Christmas Day. Please continue to pray for us as we travel and as decisions are made regarding treatment, etc.

December 22, 2007

Update from Tremont

We had a great time with my parents in Japan. They were just in time for the "dedication" of our new Shioda church bathrooms on Sunday! After church they joined us as we went Christmas caroling at the local hospital. Monday we travelled about 2 hours to a mountain area with a view of a lake and Mt. Fuji. The clouds parted for a brief glimpse of Mt. Fuji and also gave us a nice sunset over the ocean. That night we all stayed at a traditional Japanese inn with Akihiro's parents. We all enjoyed the hot spring bath and then a dinner of kaiseki ryori. We probably ate at least 100 different types of food--including a special turtle, shark fins, and many different kinds of sea creatures. Mom and Dad were very brave and tried it all--though Mom did cook her raw fish! Then Akihiro's dad was determined that my parents try a Japanese massage. Akihiro and I supervised to interpret and for curiousity. Though hesitant at first, my folks thoroughly enjoyed the experience--very different from American style massage. It's hard to describe! I don't know what was more enjoyable--getting the massage, or watching their faces as they received the massage. Tuesday we explored the area around Hakone and ate some hard boiled eggs that had been boiled in the hot sulfer springs. One black-shelled egg is supposed to add 7 years to your life, so we made sure Dad ate 2! Wednesday we spent around home doing laundry and a bit of cleaning, etc--I think Mom said this was the best day (mothers, you know)! Thursday we joined the ladies Bible meeting at Tokyo church and later a Czechoslovakian Boy's Christmas Choir in downtown Tokyo. Akihiro and I flew back with Mom and Dad to the States on Friday and it is wonderful to be home--especially given our family circumstances. We will return to Japan on December 24th as we have commitments in Hokkaido, the north island on the 26th.

Speaking of family circumstances, I'll do a brief update on Dad's situation. He continues to have no symptoms and is as energetic as ever, for which we are so thankful! While we were in Japan, we were able to talk to Bro. Willis Ehnle who had visited Oasis of Hope Hospital, which is located in Mexico--just south of San Diego. At this hospital, they do some cancer treatements that have been available in other countries for quite some time but have not been approved in the U.S. This hospital has much better statistics than the chemo available for metastatic lung cancer in the U.S., so after some further research and discussion with family and the hospital staff, Dad and Mom made plans to leave for Mexico on December 27th. The course of treatment is 18 days. (I guess they will finally "go south" for a winter vacation!) Akihiro and I are interested in seeing this hospital, so we will be returning to this hemisphere again on January 5th for a few days with them. We are praying that if it is God's will, this treatment will be successful. Thanks again for all the prayers and support!

December 31, 2007

Update on Dad, A few pics from their Japan trip

After a few delays in their flight, Mom and Dad arrived in San Diego and later, Mexico . They are impressed with the Oasis of Hope hospital--it's friendly staff, cleanliness, thoroughness, and professionalism. Dad continues to feel good, for which we are extremely thankful. He is receiving ozone treatments and 3 different IV treatments (Vit C., Laetrile, and Perftoran)--some days they last 5 hours! He is also taking many supplements orally. They said the food is good and Mom is learning more about the diet they recommend. They have met many interesting people and have enjoyed the fellowship. Mom can stay in the room with Dad and they eat all their meals together in the dining room with other patients and their caregivers. They can walk to the ocean together many days and can see the ocean from an activity room on their floor of the hospital. Thanks again for all your prayers!

Here are a few pictures of Mom and Dad's trip to Japan...enjoy!

Even though it was the middle of December, still the leaves were pretty. Here we are taking a walk near our home.

We went for a short trip to the mountainous area about 2 hours from our house.

We got a little glimpse of Mt. Fuji!

The ocean and mountains were beautiful!

Here is the view from Mom and Dad's room!

We ate many interesting foods--it is like eating art!

Akihiro's parents joined us at the inn and we had a wonderful time. Here we are in our traditional Japanese yukatas. Mom and Dad had quite a challenge to keep their slippers on!

Here's the room where we ate breakfast and supper.

Here's a picture of the Japanese hot bath (onsen) at the inn. See previous posts on onsens for more details!

We explored the little town and saw lots of interesting foods--even some fish and squid out to dry!

On their last day in Japan, they came to our Tokyo church ladies bible meeting. It was a blessed time!

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