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October 6, 2007

A great visit from Carol!

Carol and I had a great 9 days! Here are a few pictures of our adventures. Here is Mt. Fuji on our way out to Yamanashi. Carol was brave and hung out at the Starbucks to people watch and read a book while I had my Japanese lesson. We also had fun looking through the dishes we had in the storage--lots of potential souveniers for upcoming visitors!

We had a great lunch at Mos Burger--the rice patty buns and the shrimp burger!

One day we were shopping and got a good chuckle out of this funny English. (Often Japanese get their Ls and Rs mixed up! There is a "Flesh Foods" Store down the street from us!)

We went to Kawaguchiko area and enjoyed this flower exhibition.

Many people had been telling me how great the Japanese fireworks were. They were right!


There are lots of beautiful Japanese gardens to enjoy! Here is just one.

Here is the Imperial Gardens...

October 17, 2007

Ishigakijima, Chi-san arrives!

Sorry it has been so long since I've updated! Last week we went to the south-most island of Japan, Ishigakijima, with Akihiro's parents company trip. The idea of a company trip is very common in Japan. Most of the time, though, the employees don't get to take their spouses, but Akihiro's parents made an exception for me (thanks!). The island is somewhat like Hawaii and we enjoyed a lot of ocean activities. First of all, though, the airlines to this island are really set out to be proper to their visitors. When we arrived, there were 4 well-dressed, smart-looking airline employees waving to welcome us, and bowing! Then again when we left, they were bowing from the skyway! The politeness here is sometimes overwhelming!

Anyway, the first day we took a ride on a glass-bottomed boat and saw the beautiful coral and ocean fish.



That night we enjoyed a buffet style dinner--I got to try a few new things--pigs ears, dragon fruit, sea grapes--all very, well... interesting!

The next morning we had a Japanese breakfast. By the way, we have a new friend traveling with us, Waves, the beanie baby. He is a school project for an American child (kinda like Flat Stanley).

That day we went canoeing on a river in the mangrove forest in the morning and snorkeling in the afternoon. Again, an interesting situation. Before each of these activities we were led in stretching exercises as a group! Then we were well outfitted with river boots and Japanese style hats. We had a thorough lesson in canoeing and then we headed off (Far from being dumped in the river by an American canoe-rental company and being told "we'll pick you up down river!") Along the way, the guide informed us about the history of the area and taught us about the mangrove. After lunch, we got outfitted in wet suits--quite an experience--life jackets, boots, gloves, and snorkel gear. Again more exercises, and off we went to check out the ocean. It wasn't as nice as Hawaii, but still an amazing site!


That night we got to eat some freshly caught tuna--raw and partly cooked steaks! Akihiro's dad and some of the guys had been fishing and caught lots of tuna. They were delicious! The next day we went with Dad fishing in the ocean. The captain took us out into the ocean a bout an hour where there is a special spot for catching tuna. The waves were 1.5 meter high--which doesn't sound like much, but it was really rocky--I was scared! Really made me think about the time when Jesus calmed the waves! Thankfully, though, I didn't lose my breakfast over the side like a few in our party! I was able to enjoy the fishing and the beautiful ocean! We were fishing 100 meters down in a 1300 meter deep area of the ocean! I caught 4 tuna myself! Akihiro caught 6 or 7! In all, for the 2 days of fishing, our party caught 44 fish! They are 1-2 kg each and beautiful things (sorry, our camera broke, so I don't have any pics--unless the one on Akihiro's phone turns out). One interesting thing about this fishing trip, was that our captain was a Christian--a rareity in Japan. One of the employees from the first day had commented about how nice he was. When he found out he was a Christian, he said, "Oh, I see." Indeed we could see in his eyes the light of the Lord and enjoyed fellowship with him. Oh that more people here in Japan and all over the world could have this light of the Lord! May we as Christians ask the Lord that our lives might be noticably different (in a good way!) and that we would give glory to God!

We returned home on Saturday and I cooked (all the way!) some of the tuna--it was very good!

Other exciting news here is that Chi-san (our Chinese friend, Li-san's wife) arrived safely yesterday! As she came out to meet Li-san, she looked fairly confident--an answer to many of your prayers! Thanks so much! We had fun preparing for her arrival--helping Li-san buy flowers for the first time in his life, giving him a haircut, and having one of the church friends make a poster to welcome her! It is so wonderful to see them so happy!


October 22, 2007

Prayer requests

Please pray for Akihiro Monday as he is in Honolulu taking his geriatric board exam. He arrived Sunday morning and it is only 6 hours different, but I pray the jet lag won't be too bad and that he can think clearly. It is a 6 hour exam! He comes back on Wednesday (Japan time).

Also, please pray for Chi-san. Li-san will go back to work today and I will go pick her up to spend the day with me. We can't communicate hardly at all and this is somewhat frightening to Chi-san. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated! I can see the answer to many prayers already as yesterday was her first day in a church (ever in her life!) and she commented on how it changed her perception of Christians--in a positive way. Praise God!

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