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July 7, 2007

An Update from the Itos

On Tuesday we were relieved to learn that we will not be commuting to the north island of Hokkaido for work. Akihiro's dad's company did not win the auction for the medical facility. We were prepared to go there if that is where God wanted us, but as we look back on the situation, we can see God's hand and (seemingly) why it did not happen! I'm so thankful that the Lord knows what is best and will gladly lead us if we allow Him to! So, now, where does Akihiro work? Well, he has many objectives and desires and we are waiting on the Lord to see how he opens up the way. Overall his objective is to remain available to support our church people and be somewhat of a missionary in whatever his work would be. He also continues to be interested in learning real estate and working with his dad's company, yet also has dreams about improving Japanese medical education. When we came to Japan 9 months ago and didn't have clear direction for work, the Lord provided, so again, we are waiting on Him to do his wonderful work. In the meantime he his twice a month work in a Yamanashi residency clinic and is doing physicals and part-time jobs--this week he read 100 EKGs and Chest x-rays one day!

We really enjoyed our Australian visitors, the Pentsa Family. Their Australian and Hungarian accents were a delight and an inspiration to listen to and the mother's good Hungarian paprikash was a delight to our palates! We took them out to the Shioda area and then in to Tokyo a day! They told us much about their homeland and invited us to visit some spring--September or fall-April. Seems weird that the seasons are backwards like that! We would love to go visit them someday--nearly our same time zone and an 8 hour flight, so not too bad!

Looking at my pictures, I realize I didn't post any from our fishing/business trip to Hakodate! We got to ride in Akihiro's dad's new boat--it was huge! The scenery was beautiful and we didn't get skunked on our fishing trip! Akihiro's dad had caught the fish you see on the plate the day before and the chef at our hotel prepared it, so we enjoyed fresh hand-caught sashimi!


Mt. Hakodate



The rainy season continues here with very humid days. We will have to postpone our Mt. Fuji hike until another week as it is supposed to rain all week! Oh, well.

July 10, 2007

We Survived Mt. Fuji!

Well, a change of plans! We ended up climbing Mt. Fuji yesterday and I survived (barely) to write about it! Accompanying us, the old foggies, was Justin Wiegand, Bethany Gerber, Essie Kauffman (daughter of Joel and Sally Kauffman who are missionaries here in Japan), and Caleb Klaus. Mt. Fuji is 3776m high and is an inactive volcano--so this means we were trudging up and down in loose lava rocks. It took we old foggies about 6 hours to get up to the top from the 5th station (you can drive half way up the mountain). The last two hours were the worst because I started getting nauseated and light-headed, so we just slowed down and took breaks every 15 minutes. Akihiro was very patient with my moaning and groaning and encouraged me on. It was very cloudy, but at least we could look over the top of many of the clouds and could see the crater. Then we headed down--almost 4 hours. Our new hiking boots and poles and hiking techniques were invaluable and my "Aberle knees" weren't hurting too badly by the end! There is a common statement about hiking Mt. Fuji--He who doesn't climb Mt.Fuji is a fool and he who does it second time is twice fool. I would partly agree with this, but Akihiro is bent on having me see the sunrise from the top. I guess I would be willing to be a fool again for him if we could stay in a little cabin part way up the mountain to adjust to the altititude and break up the trip a little bit. We'll see! We are walking pretty carefully and a few moans and groans were heard as we rolled out of bed this morning! We were very thankful for a safe trip and no rain!

The crater

We made it!

July 17, 2007

Bowing sea lions

Monday was a holiday here and we are playing part-time surrogate parents to the Klaus children while their parents have a short vacation, so we researched what to do with a family of 8 plus Bethany Gerber, their brave nanny (for the summer) and Li-san who had the day off! Due to the heat and the humidity, we went to the aquarium in Tokyo. It was very nice and we really enjoyed the dolphin show and the sea lion show. Only in Japan, would the sea lion bow to the audience before and after his performance!

Also this weekend was a typhoon! Thankfully, though, it missed us! The weather forcasters were saying it would be really bad, so there was talk of cancelling church--which seems very interesting for me because I have only experienced cancelling church because of a snow storm! In other natural disaster news is the earthquake. This earthquake was about 6 hours north of us. We were all at the aquarium, so we didn't feel it at all, but many others said the tremors were quite strong!

July 19, 2007

Vending Veggies, Soliciting Priests, and Sunrises

Just a few odds and ends...

Saw this vegetable vending machine and hadn't ever seen one in the U.S., so I snapped a picture. I have seen a couple of them around--I guess it is like those little stands I saw in Tremont--without the honor system! The veggies always look fresh and good--I assume they come from the neatly-tended garden nearby!

Today as I was loading up my two long laundry poles (as full as they can get--finally a day with no rain that I am home), I heard footsteps below me. I looked down and saw a buddhist priest hurrying along. I was suprised to see him turn in at the neighbor's house next door and start a little speech/chant thing. He went on for a while until the lady opened the door and handed him something (I assume money). Then he went on to the next house. I heard his little chants make a circle around our neighborhood. Akihiro said this is an old way that the priests collect money for their living expenses (hopefully just living expenses!). He said that the priest probably didn't stop at our house because we are on the second floor. Whew! I wouldn't have known what was going on!

And last, but certainly not least....here is a picture of the best sunset I have seen from our house. It looks out our kitchen window. As you can see the houses are very close. I could watch the neighbor's TV if I wanted to from our house and can hear conversations easily with the windows open. If they would speak a little louder, maybe it would help my Japanese! Oh well!

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